Goa: Connecting unmarried and married dots.

On our very first date, I remember him telling me how he wished to go to Goa and have an experience that no other place can offer you.

I, on the other side of the table, judging him which I shouldn’t have but I had my reasons and one of many reason was, if I’m going to meet this person ever again?

Wanna know what happened next?

Well we’re married for more than a year now and that trip also got ticked off his list, last year and now I’m sharing this to the world as an unforgettable memory.

Almost in the end of December we planned to fly down to this smallest state of India; Goa, that claims to give you the best quality of life.

We had a six day long trip which is a decent amount of time that we devoted to the place. Made a three day booking at a home stay in Old Goa and availed the luxury of homely Goan feeling and their food.


On the day of arrival, it was late by the time we reached so we quickly freshened up and headed with our scooty (which our host already rented for us) to the nearby market which took us to the heart of the city; Panaji for a quick stroll and ended up eating there in Delhi Darbar which we preferred because experiment when starving is not a good call hence we played safe with the food to sum up the day.


Biriyani all the way

On day two, we got a call from our host saying our breakfast was served and what else could be a better wake-up call?! what?? nothing!! Then we pre-planned the day while eating and decided to see Chapora fort i.e an ancient Portuguese fort first, which I’ve seen in movies so far…




A natural valley to the beach protected by rocky promontories provides an excellent natural access to the sea.

To the adjoined road we rode to Anjuna beach to take a moment to soak the breathtaking beauty in.

Street art Enroute to Curlie’s

On our way back we stopped by Anjuna Flea market which is a must for the shopaholics..


Then we headed back to our place and ordered some home cooked food and you bet, they made us regret why we chose to eat out last day.

Roads and Rides.
Pan-fried pomfret, rice and invisible daal fry

3rd and final day in old Goa, we started the day bit late and after noon we left to hog around the place some more towards the North of Goa, the day paid off when we went to Thalassa which I’ve heard as a very promising place and I tell you it was. With boutique, eateries, small shops and a drop-dead scenic view.

Do you believe me now?



Baga beach is an ultimate spot for all the party lovers, that we visited late at that nigh.

as far you can see
Shacks and interiors

On our way to our next destination of the trip we shared the car with a mid-aged couple and the journey became a tale and ended visiting their farm house with some extended chit-chat session. The place had already given us a lot to cherish.


Then we drove to our studio apartment in South Goa that we called home for next two days. The place is lot calmer with a beach in some 5 minuets walking distance. I waited no more and rushed to the beach, Hell yeah!! and to my surprise that was the cleanest of all the beaches that we’ve encountered in Old Goa and North Goa. 



At night we were very exhausted to even go out so decided to cook at home some Maggi.

The chef at work

Next day early in the morning we headed to see sunrise at Varca beach and witnessed something like this..

wow!! right?
some posing!
some more posing with weird hand posture


Looking for shells

Hunger alert at the beach!!

Calamari Chicken. Yum!!

Change of outfit and location.

Utorda Beach

If you get ice-cream craving in the cold of December, go to Goa. It can justify the cravings, just right.


Time has come to have some luxury so last day we came back to the capital, and stayed in a starred hotel and tried to get removed of all the tan possible and do some shop’n…



We’re lucky enough to have gotten the opportunity of experiencing the Serendipity Art Festival too and when it says Goa has something of everything to present you, it’s no joke.

do not ask, “why m I wearing the same outfit twice?”



Photographer’s love for photography and equipments, you see?


fullsizeoutput_62fIMG_2917I’ve posted a Video on YouTube, you might wanna check out that too…

Until next time,



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