ft. Nature

Right in the heart of India lies this beautiful place that is generally elusive. I mean hardly people know about this area; for this is the story of a beautiful township located right in the lap of Mother Nature.

Sunsets and more
all those evenings

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Surviving In The Name Of Fashion

I on days, get so tired even to put a slightest effort on coordinating two pieces, and in result I may wear the same trouser from the day before and grab something for the top just to save myself from repeating clothes.

Who has not done this and called it a blunder later? But don’t you worry, everything you’re wearing right now is in 2018 fashion, like Seriously!

Colour blocking is a thing right now and a blessing in disguise to me and all those who have the confidence of pulling odd combinations together. Well not a big fan but you see, quite a smooth trend!  Continue reading Surviving In The Name Of Fashion


About a couple of years ago, I was this person with a certain vision for life but I didn’t really know how to work on them.

Chasing something but what had no clue!

Time runs at it’s own pace, just as life. Nothing stopped but nothing waited either. I had a feeling like I’m running short of time.

But for what? Didn’t know!

Scattered and messed up certainly. All this while I thought I wasted my time.

Did I?

Now I sleep out of tiredness and that is so satisfying that the next day I wake up with a realisation that this is what I’ve been chasing. Wanted to work out of will, not forced.

Today I chose to pour my heart out and pay my gratitude to the person that serves the happy space for me to live on my own terms and work wearing my brightest smile.

Everyday can not be happening but the right person beside your side makes it a less mundane. The zeal to function I lose sometime, a little boost is all I need and I get without judgement.

Becoming a better version of yourself on a daily basis is enough motivation to move forward and if you’ve a role model to look upto (which I’ve and I see him day and night) your journey becomes way easier.

There are days when I get late for work and I cook in hurry midst I miss some steps which definitely makes difference in taste but I’ve never heard him complaining. These sort of incidents have made me calm my usual complaining self a lot and this is a progress towards a peaceful life, I believe.

P.s. I’ve framed my life and that is definitely not a waste of time (Wow! that rhymed).

Thank you until next next.

Let me know…

Sometimes some poems just make you feel happy. However hard the day may be, they just change the mood and make you feel lively.
Here’s one such poem. Do read and share your love!!!


Talk to the rain,
Talk to the sun,
And let me know what you think

Fly with the clouds
Fly with the birds
And let me know what you hear

See the moon
See the stars
And let me know how calm you feel

Listen to the stream
Listen to the wind
And let me know what they sing

Cry a little
Cry with someone
And let me know how light it feels.

Gift a smile
Gift a hug
And let me know how wide you smile

Love a lady
Love a noble heart
And let me know how love loves

Listen to music
Listen to the beats
And let me know how they flow

Write a poem
Write the feelings
And then I will feel alive…

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Goa: Connecting unmarried and married dots.

On our very first date, I remember him telling me how he wished to go to Goa and have an experience that no other place can offer you.

I, on the other side of the table, judging him which I shouldn’t have but I had my reasons and one of many reason was, if I’m going to meet this person ever again?

Wanna know what happened next?

Well we’re married for more than a year now and that trip also got ticked off his list, last year and now I’m sharing this to the world as an unforgettable memory.

Almost in the end of December we planned to fly down to this smallest state of India; Goa, that claims to give you the best quality of life.

We had a six day long trip which is a decent amount of time that we devoted to the place. Made a three day booking at a home stay in Old Goa and availed the luxury of homely Goan feeling and their food.


On the day of arrival, it was late by the time we reached so we quickly freshened up and headed with our scooty (which our host already rented for us) to the nearby market which took us to the heart of the city; Panaji for a quick stroll and ended up Continue reading Goa: Connecting unmarried and married dots.

Look on Fleek

This popular look is the “Boho chic” . There is something about the boho look that seems effortlessly simple. But I’ve realised it is something you have to cultivate. Get it wrong and you can look like a badly put together hippie.

I play very safe with garments but this trend got me like, Umm.. Why not give a try?

As the boho style is all about airy and flowing fabrics that emphasise a carefree lifestyle, and very practical for India’s summer, where the temperature is only rising!

Well enough of saying… See the look for yourself.


Must warn ya, chunky jewellery plays an important role for this look. But I could only Continue reading Look on Fleek

GiGi Hadid x Maybelline

Gigi Hadid is an absolute style maven! I love her fashion sense and can’t get enough of it!

She has the most amazing makeup. I mean, have you seen her? She is one of the hottest model around.

The moment I got to know Maybelline New York introduced a limited edition collection designed and curated by GiGi Hadid; I felt like getting into her vanity.

Her makeup and style is goal. Continue reading GiGi Hadid x Maybelline