Fusion Fashion

Long time no see… huh? Hope you’re all doing great. I’d promised myself to be really punctual with my post but things caught up for the last couple of weeks. Well now I’m back to what I love to do with a brand new look. I’ve been wanting to try this look for the longest, was just waiting to find the perfect ensemble. As you’ve already read the caption which is self-explanatory, so I’ll just talk you through this trend and my take on it.

Fusion Fashion is one of my most favourite trend. You can experiment as you like. As per Indian weather, this time is just fine to experiment with your clothes because it’s neither too hot nor too cold which is ideal for experimentation. Fusion wear trend is here to stay and these pictures will show you how to slay the trend.

And, to stand out for the good with some desi accessories is always a treat to your eyes. Here I chose to complete the look with a seashell necklace and a silver nose pin and I’m pretty amused by the outcome. Not to forget my denim platform heels has done it’s job just right.







This look is just an example of how I’d style fusion wear outfits and it’s completely subjective. Pujo is round the corner so this look you can totally sport in that time. Also can be totally done in so many different and better ways.


Ethnic jacket- Myntra; 

Black crop top- H&M

Trousers- Only

Shoes- Catwalk 

Nose pin and necklace- Fabindia

Photography by- Ever so talented Mr.Ritwik

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The 90’s kid

We’re probably the last generation to have lived a life outside the social media bubble now when I think of it, I’m blessed to see the contrast. We lived in two different centuries which is awesome. 🤟🏼

Back in the time we used to take photographs on special occasion and of them who mattered and when we go for a vacation, we didn’t have the luxury of clicking random photos and taking 4-5 different angles but, that lack of luxury usually resulted in really good family photos that we cherished for years.

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The vast Indian culture is mouthful to mention at once, it’s to live through and experience on its own. So as it’s mentioned in the topic already I’ll be elaborating it further in here, Until last year I’ve not really get to celebrate this time of the year.

In the month of Shravam, Mondays are dedicated to Lord Shiva as he is the ruling deity of the day. Hindus  fast on these somwar for success marriage and prosperity in their life. It’s believed to be a holy month dedicated to spiritual practices and religious offerings to lord Shiva.

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Pink Hues

Stay on top of seasonal trends and add some gorgeous dresses to your wardrobe.

Pink is tipped to be a big colour trend for the season, with many designers choosing an array of rosy pink hues for their collections.

There are so many gorgeous dresses available at the moment and pink flared dresses are great for working a flirty look.

This dress by Myntra has a fun, feminine design and great for a budget.


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Matte magic

fullsizeoutput_1af2When it comes to makeup, it would be fair to say that if you are going to get one thing absolutely on point and correct, it should be your lipstick! A great lip application can make a huge difference to an overall look and can give a lot of confidence with regards to the rest of your aesthetic. Within the realm of lipstick, there are very different types to consider, and one of the absolute hardest lipsticks to apply with a professional touch is definitely matte!

I love matte over glossy any-day but the hard time it gives have taught me some steps to follow before the application which is all about the blog today… Continue reading Matte magic

Make (it) up

Let’s face it. I’m a girl who loves a good highlighter and lip colour that will pop but I’m also a girl on a budget. While I’m a fan of all the things major and expensive beauty lines have to offer, I’ve found a love for cosmetic lines that I can purchase at my local drugstores.

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