Look on Fleek

This popular look is the “Boho chic” . There is something about the boho look that seems effortlessly simple. But I’ve realised it is something you have to cultivate. Get it wrong and you can look like a badly put together hippie.

I play very safe with garments but this trend got me like, Umm.. Why not give a try?

As the boho style is all about airy and flowing fabrics that emphasise a carefree lifestyle, and very practical for India’s summer, where the temperature is only rising!

Well enough of saying… See the look for yourself.


Must warn ya, chunky jewellery plays an important role for this look. But I could only Continue reading Look on Fleek


GiGi Hadid x Maybelline

Gigi Hadid is an absolute style maven! I love her fashion sense and can’t get enough of it!

She has the most amazing makeup. I mean, have you seen her? She is one of the hottest model around.

The moment I got to know Maybelline New York introduced a limited edition collection designed and curated by GiGi Hadid; I felt like getting into her vanity.

Her makeup and style is goal. Continue reading GiGi Hadid x Maybelline

Pastels to keep it subtle

We girls often claim to have nothing to wear despite of the fact, we’ve more than we need. Then why cry before every Saturday night?

Ladies let’s accept we hate repeating clothes.. don’t we?

So a cure to that is putting different outfits together and make a new whole outfit. It is not something new I’m introducing but doing it smartly is a thing to learn and I’m learning…

Shall we learn together?


Definitely no expert but the fashionista in me, makes me do try some experimental outfits and if that turns out presentable (after tonnes of tries) then why not flaunt it? Continue reading Pastels to keep it subtle

SAREE Again?

I’ve introduced you to Saree in my previous blog and my love for saree is pretty much out there already. What could be more satisfying than the fusion of your love for the apparel and creativity? Saree is a six yard long piece of cloth that you can do everything possible as you like. So, drape it to your wish…

This time I chose to put it in an Indo-Western style which is been trending lately. I wished to achieve the look by my self and the work paid off well. Without saying much, will show you straight how it turned out..

Paired the saree with a bodysuit and black leggings.

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Time to Act

Helping Mother Nature in any way is a great effort, after all the destruction our activities has brought upon her. From animals to trees, our activities has touched and destroyed them.


We get killed, there are cries
We kill them, no one cries.
We are hurt, we take care,
We hurt them, we seldom care.
We destroy them to live, little realizing
We will be destroyed if they don’t live.
The trees never speak
They bear it all silently.

Our home is destroyed, we feel the pain
And build anew.
We destroy there’s, they silently move.
Why lament when we are eaten?
We feel pride in hunting and killing them
What’s pride In it? Feel ashamed.
Animals and fauna have their share, let them enjoy their freedom.

Enough destruction, now it’s time to act,
React and repent for our mistakes
Earth will be barren, Sun still shining
“Paradise on earth” will be a lost dream
Let’s join hands together
Conserve, Preserve,
Save, Reuse, Recycle
To make this planet a better place.

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How to nail pictures

When you post your latest selfie on Instagram, you want to make sure you look good. So, how can you do so?

Disclaimer: I don’t know either.

Aware of your posture

As they say one of the easiest and most simple ways you can do to look great in photos paying attention to your posture, make sure you stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and engage your core. This is going to make you look longer and leaner as well as more confident in photos. by taking this tip and adding your everyday poses you’re going to look much more better. Okay here we go..


Flattering your body

Look in the mirror and assess your body. Figure out what you love about your body and what you want to feature in photos if you’re taking a full body picture. Figure out how you want to look- casual, confident or powerful.  Trying-really-hard-look!

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When in your very own city, Kolkata a.k.a “The City of Joy”, availing luxury is but obvious and coming to know about this upscale dim sum place made me visit the Kolkata branch of it..

Yauatcha is a Chinese restaurant, well known for its dim sums and desserts.


The concept is the modern interpretation of the tradition cantonese teahouse featuring an exceptional range of Chinese, Taiwanese and Indian teas. It’s also known for its handmade petits gateaux, macarons and chocolates. Continue reading Yauatcha